Join Our Design, Promo and Merchandise Teams

NEXT SOCIETY – Reaching out to the public with a message like ours requires a solid team of business partners and friends who understand what we stand for and who believe in the cause that the next society is.

Feedback from our 2018 merchandise test run, in the Philippines, tells us that our message triggers positive curiosity in the minds of those who’ve been introduced to Next Society. That is why we are relaunching our merchandise line. It is after all how Next Society got started, by printing our message on apparel and sending it out around the world.

Design Team

The Design Team creates the designs that are printed (and embroidered) on Next Society merchandise.

We are searching for Graphic Designers, Printing and Embroidery Partners and any other Artists who want to be part of the Next Society Movement.

Is this the opportunity you’ve been looking for? Let us know. Contact us through the website.

Merchandise Team

The Merchandise Team is responsible for distributing Next Society merchandise, locally and worldwide. Team Members make sure that Next Society gear and gadgets reach their destination.

The Merchandise Team is also tasked with locating suppliers, to supply the Design Team with affordable and durable materials and goods.

Is organizing big events and supply chains your cup of tea? We’d like to hear from you! Contact us through the website.

Promo Team

The Next Society Promo Team advertises and promotes the Next Society community and our merchandise.

Promo Team Members engage the public, the people around them. In the streets and on the internet.

Team Members proudly present and represent the Next Society community, our message and the merchandise that was skillfully created by the Design Team.

Love to talk to people? Then we are searching for you. Contact us through the website.

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