75 Years After the End of World War 2 the Omnicratic Movement Emerges Again

THE OMNICRAT – Most people refuse to learn lessons from past events. They ignore history completely. Today’s situation attests to that. Lockdowns are already standardized around the world and we’re not even two months into it.

Last year I would have never thought that I would actually have to stand up against a global dictatorship that longs for the 1940s zeitgeist that existed under Mussolini and Hitler.

My worst nightmare has now materialized in just a matter of weeks. Entire countries have been shut down and people’s rights and liberties have been canceled by ‘democratic’ governments that base their actions on flawed data and fear-mongering news reports. All hell is about to break loose while most people cheer as their constitution is reduced to a relic of the past.

75 years ago the second world war officially ended. Up to 80 million people lost their lives during the war. Either because of the violence or because of starvation, since the supply chains collapsed entirely. They said “never again” but we are on our way to repeat it all over again.

This is not an exaggeration. Dictatorial regimes in the west, i.e. the U.S. and the E.U., are at war with dictatorial regimes on the other side of the planet, including China, Iran and Russia.

Shortly before ‘the virus’ came along, the U.S. was already engaged in an open war with Iran and China. Russia’s military involvement only made things worse.

Today, governments are preparing citizens to go to war. ‘The virus’ is merely a pretext in this process. ‘Democratic’ governments are beefing up their military forces and their war chests are once again stuffed with credit-based funds that no one will ever be able to pay back. Future generations their lives have already been sold to the highest bidder and the public is reduced to a renewable resource for war.

As technocratic and fascist insanity is breaking all historical records, an 80-year-old movement is rising once again. It recognizes the patterns of the past and it knows the dangers that lie ahead.

This time Omnicrats will not be silenced by the Catholic Church, as it happened under Mussolini. This time, omnicracy will not be a local uprising in Perugia, Italy that dictatorships can just exterminate by trashing all laws.

This time it’s going to be a worldwide revolution, the Omnicratic Revolution of 2020. It will define the social fabric for the next 80 years of the 21st century.

This time it’s not about communism, socialism and capitalism that need to be kept at bay. It’s about celebrating the failed pretext that all these forms of government use in order to enslave the people: ‘democracy’.

Since the end of the second world war ‘democracy’ has been used as a carrot on a stick. Governments and military complexes said that they were just spreading ‘democracy’ when they invaded Libya, Syria and Iraq. We know that that were lies. Even the mainstream media has already documented this. Gaddafi wasn’t a threat to the planet, Saddam didn’t have weapons of mass destruction and in Syria Assad isn’t the destabilizing factor for the Middle East.

The same governments that lied to us about these wars in foreign lands are now ‘asking’ the public to trust them as they deal with ‘the virus’.

Is anyone surprised or shocked that we do not believe a single word that these governments say today?

A declaration of war was issued by oppressive regimes around the world, in many cases against their own citizens, but as the past has taught us, violence is not what wins wars. Information wins wars. Education wins wars. Being aware of the true nature of society is what ends wars.

This time it’s an epic information war that will consume every soul on this planet. It’s a war that we will win because that’s what history has been teaching us all along – for those who have been paying attention.

Let the world know that the Revolution started here, on April the 3rd of the year 2020.

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