Creating a Stepping Stone to Omnicracy

THE OMNICRAT – People are afraid of change, even when they ask for it, or when they buy into a political campaign that promises it, every single election. That’s the paradox that omnicrats around the world have to deal with.

No one should fear omnicracy because it’s not a new system that can be implemented overnight. Considering that people are afraid of change, a stepping stone (or a series of stepping stones) to omnicracy must be formulated.

That’s one of the mission objectives of The Omnicrat platform. To bring various interpretations of omnicracy together around the same table (or together in online forums). As it is for any other sociopolitical system, different people have different expectations for omnicracy. That’s not a negative reality, it’s a positive one. Only by analyzing the various omnicratic expectations and perspectives can and will we come to a broadly acceptable form of omnicracy. Both for small, local communities and the international community.

So, the stepping stone that we are now defining as omnicrats will eventually be a sociopolitical system that leans towards omnicracy but that can not yet be considered an actual omnicracy.

What will that stepping stone look like?

First of all, also omnicrats will have to beef up their actions that involve the creation of more awareness for the public. Not just awareness about omnicracy itself but also about the flawed ‘democratic’ systems that have shown their true nature during this forced and disproportionate global lockdown.

The first stepping stone should preferably include the rethinking of so-called ‘democratic’ events that affect people in ways that an omnicratic system clearly and rightfully deems oppressive.

Again we can take the EU as an example.

In 2005 the people of the Netherlands voted against the ratification of the “European constitution”. More than 60% of the votes were against the ratification.

In France, more than 50% of the votes rejected the ratification.

In Belgium, the heart of the so-called democratic EU, the people weren’t even allowed to cast a vote. The public was deliberately ignored by the Belgian government because the government knew that the public would vote against ratifying the European constitution.

Instead of providing the public with a platform to discuss the EU, the ‘democratic’ European governments chose to backstab the public by inventing a new “treaty”, the Lisbon Treaty, that was brought into effect without the consent of the public. Not one meaningful referendum or forum was organized for this. No one in the public had any chance to reject or accept the Lisbon Treaty. And that’s what the EU calls ‘democracy’.

Clearly ‘democracy’ is a phantom that populations are led to believe in.

This is the true nature of ‘democracy’. It’s oppression but you’re not supposed to call it that because that would make you a politically incorrect individual.

As long as people do not realize and reject this reality, they will simply be kept hostage by their own governments. The lockdowns today literally prove that.

Apparently, the first stepping stone to omnicracy is already going to be a controversial one and that’s what it should be because people’s lives are at stake. Your freedom, your rights and your self-determination are at the center of all of this.

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