Omnicracy and Governance

THE OMNICRAT – In an omnicratic sociopolitical system the power of governance is vested in common governance forums where the authority for decision making is (1) decentralized and (2) shared by everyone of the community who wants to be a member of the respective forum. From the local level to the international level.

An omnicracy is, thus, a form of government with its top-level decision making processes dispersed throughout the system rather than concentrated in one person, one place or one legislative body.

Municipal: Of a Citizen of a Free Town

The common governance forum on the municipal level, or the municipal council, is the root of the whole system of governance. The reason for that can be found in the word municipal itself.

As also the Canadian parliament website confirms, the word municipal, from the Latin municipalis, means ‘of a citizen of a free town’.

The power to govern is therefore vested in the free individual. A citizen who is a sovereign over his/her own existence. It’s the most fundamental component of an omnicracy.

The free citizen can therefore never be subordinate to other common governance forums such as city councils, provincial councils, national governments, international councils and forums, including the treaties signed by such common governance forums.

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