Civil Reorientation

Civil reorientation is about people changing and improving the way they live their daily lives, the way they raise children, the way they perceive other cultures and how they treat people from other cultures.

It is about people re-examining their expectations of their governments and how and what they delegate to it.

It is about people wanting to see that they are either part of the solutions and progress or of the problems and, thus, the status quo and the degeneration.

Previous initiatives such as the Indignados in Spain, Nuit Debout in France and Occupy Wall Street in the USA, all social experiments now it seems, have failed to accomplish anything substantial and have failed to fundamentally change anything. Not because of a lack of efforts and determination but because they expected the obsolete 20th-century system to change and adopt the demands of the movements. That is simply not how that system operates and it is not why it exists.

What all these social experiments have in common, seemingly, is that they have failed to instill a sense of individual, personal, responsibility and meaningful engagement. People were asked to join the movements, in support of their agendas. They were, however, – in general – not asked to change or broaden the way they think and the way they live their lives.

The main message of the movements was “oppose the system”, while it should have been “make your life meaningful,” since the latter would actually set in motion “the change” that people are searching and hoping for.

Also that is what Next Society stands for, to make lives meaningful through civil reorientation.

You only have one life, make it a memorable one. Not just for yourself but for the people and communities around you, so your legacy can live on in the minds of the next generations.