Consumption Reorientation

One of the cornerstones of the economy in a new, omnicratic, society is an increased efficiency in food processing and food production. In 2018 society still wasted more than 40% food as it was produced and processed by farms, factories and the other segments of the food industry. All the while hundreds of millions of people around the world still find it ever harder to feed their families.

In addition, consumers themselves also generate still an unacceptable quantity of food waste. Largely due to irresponsible and inefficient consumption.

In the end, it requires the efforts of both the industry and the consumers to initiate and realize also a consumption reorientation.

Initially, consumers and companies will preferably do business with companies and organizations that support or participate on the Next Society platform. Eventually, consumers and companies will give absolute priority to companies and organizations that participate on the Next Society platform, since these have adopted the principles and values that will bring about the next society.