The next 3 quarters of the 21st century must be much more about finding spiritual balance, not just individually but also collectively as a society. For too long has this cornerstone of humanity’s existence been neglected by too many people and communities who are focused almost entirely on consumerism.

Although there is nothing fundamentally wrong with pursuing material satisfaction, it is after all also what makes us human, when spirituality is not an important part of one’s life true happiness will never be found.

An, often deliberate, imbalanced spiritual existence contributes not to one’s own advancement but rather to one’s confinement in the misrepresentations of reality. This is why also omniology should take a more central role in society. More understanding and also more questions allow people to easier find that balance in life that they have always been searching for, even if on a subconscious level.

Whether or not more spiritual awareness and balance will also mean an increase in religious practices and congregations entirely depends on the representatives of the religions their abilities and willingness to adapt to the new times that society will bring along with it.