What is Next Society?


Next Society is a goal. In fact, we are already creating the next society, right now. It’s a society that will replace society of today.

Society of today is a remnant of the 20th century world we used to live in. The paradigm in which its power structure exists is of course even older, much older. It is based on deeply rooted, centralized and consolidated financial, political and economic power. Wielded by increasingly fewer, but more dominant and secretive, private and public entities.

The next society is a decentralized, intra-regional society. Authority and responsibility are shifted towards local communities, which autonomously cooperate with each other.

Local communities today must have the right to want to or not want to be part of national governments their escapades. That natural right, which has always been there, is also what Next Society promotes and protects.


Next Society is the legacy of its members, volunteers and supporters – collectively and individually. It is the fusion of our individual experiences, dreams, views, passions and dedication.

Our individual legacies are threads in the fabric of the next society.


We rethink the life that we want, the world we want to see around us and the society we want to leave behind for the next generations.


We reset society of today by helping others rethink their lives and the world around them.


We rebuild. We help local communities empower and preserve their local talents and culture.

Help us spread this Next Society message. Download this page as a PDF file

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