Founding Principles

Socio-Political System: Omnicracy

Equal power of all, over all that concerns the fundamental interests of all on the local level and beyond. The spread and decentralized management of power and responsibilities.

Open Community

A crossroads, an international platform, where people from different cultures, different religious and spiritual streams connect with each other to create greater understanding of the world and people around them. A community where they can actively participate in bringing about sustainable solutions for peaceful coexistence.

Preservation of the Self

Everyone has the right to preserve and fully experience their personal existence and, thus, has the right to protect their identity. One’s identity is not limited to one’s name, gender and appearance.

One’s identity also includes how someone participates in society, be it locally or beyond. Therefor, preserving one’s identity also includes preserving one’s morality and sexual orientation, one’s political, economic, spiritual and religious views and beliefs. As long as others are not limited in their own experience of their personal existence.

Expanding on the preservation of the self is the right to preserve culture. Communities have the right to be able to continue to experience and express their values and traditions, as long as they allow other cultures to enjoy the same right.

The main purpose of the preservation of the self is to ensure that life on this planet remains as diverse and as rich as possible.


Without the truth we are lost – and a society, in the long term, is ineffective. As long as wanting to find out the truth is making institutions, organizations and companies uncomfortable we must continue our search for it.

Public Media

The public (news) media, media operated through public funds, their primary objective is to inform the public in such a way that the truth is always revealed. The truth can not remain unrevealed.

It is the public media their duty to report about the various opinions that exist in a community, even when such opinions are not aligned with those held by, for instance, the government(s).

Thus, public media must offer balanced reporting whereby all citizens have an equal chance to have their voices heard through the public media outlets.

Discipline and Honor

Discipline and honor are taught through sports, arts and spirituality – instead of, for instance, compulsory military service.